Saturday, April 17, 2010

Neighborhood Eats - The WETA Guide

When I'm not watching Food Network, my other favorite channel is CreateTV (  It has cooking shows, gardening, arts & crafts, travel, and home improvement.  And most important, no commercials!  Between shows you get to see short "spots" (five minutes, give or take) about interesting things happening in the D.C. Metropolitan area.  Sometimes these "spots" are a little bit longer, like this one I've watched a couple of times now—Neighborhood Eats - The WETA Guide—and thought it would be an interesting idea to share it with everyone else:

"Tune-in for a one-hour visit to dozens of hotspot eateries and landmark restaurants throughout the area. Among the places you'll get to see are D.C.'s Eastern Market, Arlington's Lost Dog Cafe, Rockville's Cuban Corner, and Vienna's Sunflower Vegetarian restaurant."

On that same site you'll find the list of the restaurants and eateries profiled in the video. Most of them are links to go to each restaurant's website.  Hope you enjoy the video as much as I have! :)

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sandi said...

Sunflower Restaurant is pretty good!