Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vladimir . . . the new kid on the block!

Vladimir came into my life two weeks ago . . . Berta, one of my coworkers, gave him to me as a gift . . . here are some photos of him . . .

The little guy lives in a small bowl on my desk, surrounded by my plants and everybody at the office has always something nice to say about him! :)

He is very finicky when it comes to eating and if any of his food lands on the bottom of the bowl, he simply ignores it, so now I only feed him one or two little pellets of food two or three times a day and that seems to work!

I also keep a lamp on over the bowl most part of the day . . . but, unfortunately, the security guards at work turn off the lights late at night and during the weekends . . . eventhough I put a note on the lamp for them not to turn it off! :(

My boyfriend wrote a poem for Vladimir and I thought it was so cute, that I decided to share it with you here:

Vlad The Beta

When Vladimir thinks he sinks.
If Vladimir thinks he sees you,
he sinks down to focus true.
If Vladimir thinks he smells food,
he sinks down to mellow his mood.

If Vlad thinks he sees another beta,
his instincts will always win.
He uses his strongest blue fin
to feather fluff the purple-ish-red fins,
until every one of his fins are puffin’.

Vladie’s bad but never stays sad.
He is always thinking and sinking
or fin fluffing and huff puffing,
erecting each of his colorful fins,
attracting your friendship, he always wins.

R Jay Slais